The world of paid search is forever changing, but there are a few common issues that catch users out when looking to create their first Google Ad’s campaigns. At Acquiro Digital we hope to highlight some of these issues which we find in many of our online consultations with new clients.

Keyword Match Type

When setting up your first keywords in an account, these minor details can go unnoticed but can have major implications in the cost of your advertising. There are 3 match types in Google Ad’s; Phrase, Exact and Broad. At Acquiro Digital we use modern best practices to get the most out of each match type. Exact match keywords – What is says on the tin, needs to match the keyword exactly but will factor in misspellings and close variants. These are defined by square brackets: [PPC Management] Phrase match keywords – Your keyword can be in the middle, start or end of a search term string for you to show an ad. These carry more of a cost than Exact match keywords as they are open to more possible terms. These are defined by quotation marks: “PPC Management” Broad match keywords – One of the most common keywords to be used incorrectly on accounts. Broad keywords can be loosely related through themes. To use these correctly, you should be using Broad Match Modifier (BMM) which in simple terms dictates each word must be included in the search term. Broad keywords don’t require any initial change, however the to use BMM you must include a + before any word you wish to be included: +PPC +Management

Ad Scheduling

If you’ve ever been sat up at 1am browsing websites, then you’re not alone however people will rarely make a purchase or submit an enquiry. There are odd occasions where users will make a purchase, however the costs greatly outweigh the profits. Unfortunately, even if you have a rocking campaign structure you could be let down by your delivery. This wasted spend could be put into hours where users convert and get you more exposure or use it as a way of making sure your budget works harder during the day. Putting a solid ad schedule strategy in place can help your business flourish, putting your efforts into areas to achieve your business goals.

Location Settings

This is more of a hidden setting within Google Ad’s, catching out more businesses than not. Setting locations to target isn’t enough to ensure that you will only show to users within the specific locations. Within your campaign settings there are targeting methods which will dictate where you show your ads. By default, Google will have this set to “People in, searching for or view pages about my target location (recommended)” which translates to; users in *insert unrelated country* searching for “PPC Marketing UK”. As you can imagine the wasted spend here can start to stack up. To remedy this, change your settings to “People in my targeted location”.

First Page Bids

Ever set your campaigns live and wonder why you’re not getting any traffic for specific keywords? The solution could be simpler than you think. In a growing market, bids fluctuate regularly and can sometimes cause you to drop from the first page. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the first page of results is typically going to convert better than what follows. Obviously, some bids are extravagant and are unprofitable to run at such a high cost, but in most cases, you may only be a couple pence out. Providing you have a decent quality score (7 or above) we’d recommend giving your bids a boost to get the exposure they need. If proving unprofitable, bring back down or look at other avenues to target.

Device Modifications

In the modern world, you can find customers using all different devices. Much like one keyword may outperform another, so may devices and should be treat accordingly. At Acquiro Digital, we always have one device which will have 0% modifications where we know, when bids are changed, they are reflected for that device. We will then decide whether the other 2 devices (Tablets and Mobiles) perform better/worse and adjust based on this. If your website isn’t geared up for mobile, then you could save yourself a chunk of money by simply reducing the bids by 100% and eliminating all mobile traffic completely.

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If you feel like you could be getting more for your money or worried about any other potential mistakes in your account, get in touch with our Google qualified team to see where we can help improve. Whether it’s peace of mind you’re looking for or to see how we can help you achieve the results you need, our team will be able to advise the best way for your business to move forward.
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