We’re back from a surprisingly sunny break in Brighton, where we attended the UK’s largest search marketing conference, BrightonSEO. This was our 6th time at the event but the first as Acquiro Digital, so after a long trip from the North East we were ready to see what this year would bring. What is BrightonSEO? Famously starting our in a ‘room above a pub’, founder Kelvin Newman has grown BrightonSEO into THE event in any SEO’s calendar. With free tickets selling out in minutes, we were lucky to grab two in the new ballot system. The event brings together speakers from across the globe, spanning topics from technical SEO to PR and personal development in the industry. This year’s keynote speaker was Rand Fishkin, formerly of Moz, he was speaking about the future of SERP and how we can combat the growing Google monopoly on the search pages. Although he didn’t bring his trusty whiteboard, his presence at the event definitely made an impact with plenty of Rand selfies going on around the auditorium. Located on the beautiful Brighton seafront, it’s a great event for anyone looking to learn more about SEO and get tips from experts in the field. Plus, who can resist a private after party on Brighton Pier? Our BrightonSEO highlights Chris “As always there were fantastic technical talks from Mike King and Barry Adams. Definitely sitting in any talks from these guys as you’ll always learn something. Mike spoke about the importance of putting in development checks so you don’t get blindsided with something like a sitewide noindex tag. Barry took us through a few cases of where Javascript has caused issues, well worth a look through those slides for some insight into issues he’s faced (and defeated). Laura Hogan and Stacey MacNaught delivered some great insights into link building. While there was nothing most of us shouldn’t already know the process was broken down so well even the most seasoned outreach team could pick up a few tips from their slides.” Kat “The biggest takeaway for me from a content perspective was the importance of looking beyond the words. Utilising great design in our pieces and incorporating content at the very start of any web project. There were some great talks on data journalism and how to leverage stats to create content that brings something new to the table, rather than just rehashing old studies. Overall, Brighton reaffirmed to me that we’re following the right path when it comes to creating our own SEO plans for clients, it’s all about keeping your eye on what’s around the corner and ensuring we’re fully future-proofing strategies for our clients” Fancy going to BrightonSEO next year? Here are our top tips Whether you’re looking to learn more about SEO for your business or you’re looking to get into the field, here’s our guide to making the most of the event.
  1. Put an alert in your calendar as soon as they announce the BrightonSEO ticket release date. The ballot system does offer more chance for people to get tickets but if you miss the window to register you may miss the boat!
  2. Plan ahead! The event schedule is released closer to the time but it’s worthwhile downloading the BrightonSEO app to create an itinerary of the day. This ensures you’re not frantically scanning the paper schedule on the day when you’re not sure where you’re supposed to be.
  3. Unless you’re planning on spending all day in the main auditorium (which seats 4,000) you should aim to get to smaller rooms early. Seats will fill up quickly and standing room is limited in the smaller syndicate rooms.
  4. Although it’s great to listen to talks that are relevant to your discipline, it is worth using BrightonSEO as a chance to learn more about different aspects of SEO. If you’re a content writer, head into a strategy session or nip into a technical talk to get more of an understanding about how it all joins up. Even if you don’t understand the majority of the talks, the words you scribble down in your notebook will prompt you to find out more when you’re back in the office.
  5. Don’t assume that all of the vendors will be going in for a sales pitch. A lot of the sponsors are there to offer advice and demos of their tools so a quick 5-minute chat could be beneficial to your business. Plus, the BrightonSEO swag is legendary. T-shirts, socks, ice lollies and even free beers – leave room in your suitcase!
  6. Scribbling down a few keywords or the name of tools is definitely advised but don’t worry about writing down every little thing that’s said in the talks. All of the speakers share their slides after the event, so you can go back and revisit all of the ones of interest.
  7. Make the most of the setting! Brighton is a beautiful place to explore and during BrightonSEO you’re surrounded by like-minded people looking to network and learn.
  8. Grab a beer in a bar by the pier, join in conversations and take advantage of all of the planned activities and events.
We have a packed calendar this year so check back for our latest round-up of the biggest search marketing events. Want to know more about our SEO service? Get in touch with a member of the Acquiro Team today.
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