If you’re far too familiar with Ctrl C / Ctrl V, then you this might be for you.

Some might say that copying is a form of flattery, but in the world of SEO, copying content is not complimenting anyone. If duplicate content was a crime, we’d know a lot of offenders who would go straight to SEO jail for this particular misdemeanour. Do not pass go, do not collect £200 in organic revenue.

“But why’s it such a bad thing?” A common question we get asked and one that might require a little bit of explaining if you aren’t familiar with current SEO tactics. Here’s what you need to know…

#1 – It’s Not Yours, Put It Back

You wouldn’t steal someone else’s products and stick them in your own shop window, so why would you copy someone else’s content and put it on your site? That’s just rude if you ask us. Stop rubbing your hands together and write your own!

#2 – Google Knows What You Did

The all-seeing search engine knows exactly who has copied and who has not. Just like that shrewd teacher in school who knew exactly who copied their homework. But this time, it won’t just be detention that you have to endure, it will be some severely hurt rankings.

#3 – You’re Only Hurting Yourself

You might feel like a sneaky Susan copying and pasting someone else’s hard work onto your own site and passing it off as your own, but you won’t be laughing when Google hit you with some poor search results. Hello, page 10!

#4 – A Timesaver It Is Not

Yeah, copying and pasting is a lot quicker than writing your own, but once those Search Engines find out you’ll be knee-deep in rewriting all that content again.

#5 – Copying Yourself Won’t Help Either

Even if the content is yours, sticking the same descriptions on multiple pages will end in tears too. Stop living outside the laws of content. Keep it unique!

#6 – It Might Not Be True

Just because you read it and think it’s good, doesn’t mean Google does. You might just be copying a load of old cobblers. There are other keys on that keyboard of yours you know. Try them out, write something new.

#7 – Use Your Own Knowledge

You might be able to offer some valuable content that no one else has. So why not impart your wisdom and share your knowledge with the world? You never know, it might just crawl its way to the top of page one.

#8 – It Wasn’t Me

Yeah, we’ve heard that excuse before! Actually, it’s true, sometimes your site is to blame so we’ll let you off with this one. But Google won’t so sort it out! Occasionally your site will duplicate pages and its content without your say so. If this happens, there are a few ways to fix it. You could create unique content for each individual page. But if you have hundreds of pages to sift through then you probably don’t have the time for this. Instead, you could canonicalise these pages. Yes, canonicalise. Nice word isn’t it? It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to this sort of thing. But canonicalising is a whole other topic, one which we won’t bore you with right now. Instead, we’ll write another post about it and keep you on our blog a little bit longer…

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