Shopify is a great platform for businesses who are just starting out and need a fast and easy to use e-commerce platform to launch their store. Generally, we wouldn’t recommend this for an established business due to the cost of higher turnover and lack of advanced features. However, if you’ve already got a Shopify store and just need to speed things up a little bit we have a few tips for you.

#1 – Serve Scaled Images

One of the biggest problems we see with Shopify stores which are running slowly is the thumbnail images are being served full size rather than scaled to the size required. If your product images on category pages are only displayed as 300px x 300px and you’re loading in images 1000px by 1000px that means your users are having to download 3 times as much image data, slowing your site down.

Image loaded is 30% larger than required

In order to fix this, we need to make a small change to the Shopify Liquid code. Find the template for the product listings, this should be called something like ‘Product-Grid-Item.liquid’ and find the following bit of code:

{{ product | img_url: '*' }}


You then need to change the content of the img_url section to the size the template loads your images. For Example:

{{ product | img_url: '250x250' }}


You can find more examples and further elements here:


#2 – Remove Old Apps

One thing that can really slow down sites is a lot of apps being installed. A really easy and quick way to speed things up is by removing any unused apps which may be slowing things down. We’d be surprised how these can build up over time particularly if you’ve tried out a lot of apps and never removed them.

It’s also worth checking your main template file for any code which has been added to support apps which have since been removed.


#3 – Optimise Your Images

Okay, this one isn’t specific to Shopify but can speed things up immensely. Whenever we run into a site with speed issues part of the cause is almost always to with images which haven’t been correctly compressed. On most homepages, the speed weight can be reduced significantly by optimising the images and reuploading them. This can be done through tools like Adobe Photoshop, however, there’s a website called TinyJpg which makes compressing your images as easy as drag and drop.


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