So, you’re doing keyword research? Let me guess, you’ve exhausted Google’s Keyword Planner, spent hours in Search Console and scraped everything you can from all those free keyword tools knocking about, yes? Bet you think you’re done now, right?


Sit back down because you aren’t quite finished yet. Don’t get me wrong, Keyword Planner and Search Console are great tools to use, however, there’s plenty more ground to cover before you settle on your chosen search terms. Here are a few things to look into which may give you a little more help on choosing the right keywords.

On Site Search

Don’t ignore your search box. Your customers are smart. They could hold the key to those golden search terms. If you have a search box on your site and think it’s just an empty bit of space then think again. That little box might be more useful than you first thought and here’s why…

Customers are becoming wiser, their online shopping habits are changing and they are becoming more impatient too. Most of the time they know what they want and they aren’t going to spend ages clicking around your site to find it. They’re typing what they want into your search box in the hopes of locating that perfect item at lightning speed.

You’re probably thinking ‘how does this help my keyword research?’

Well, the queries that your customers are typing into that search box could provide some valuable data. Analysing these keywords should give you a list of terms that you might not have considered before now (and it’s pretty likely that these keywords will have a decent conversion rate too). This practice is even more important if your site sits within an industry where there’s a lot of specific terminology or language used that is obvious to your customer, but may not be so obvious to you.

Product Performance

Another thing to add to your to-do list is to check your product performance. Have a look at what your customers are actually purchasing when they land on your site to give yourself a better understanding of what your visitors are after. A common mistake is to focus too much attention on new areas of the site or products that you want your customers to purchase and ignoring what is already performing well. This will lend itself rather nicely to your keyword research. Assessing the category and brand reports in this area will also give you ideas on what pages need optimising. This allows you a little more insight into which areas need the most attention.

Conversion Rates

It’s not just about search volume when it comes to keywords. Relevancy and conversion rates are important too. Incorporating terms with a high conversion rate is the key to driving sales as well as traffic. Assess the current performance of your keywords, both organic and paid, to locate which terms have the highest conversion rate. This will provide you with a list of keywords that have the highest percentage when it comes to conversion rates, allowing you a list of queries which you may not have considered including in your keyword targeting.

Assess Bounce Rates

When checking your channel data, it’s worth looking at keywords with a high bounce rate. Any search terms receiving a significant bounce rate should be investigated. It may be that you have optimised your page with a keyword that has a high search volume, but if your products or services aren’t relevant enough then customers are highly likely to bounce off the site and head elsewhere. Always make sure your keywords are as relevant as possible to what you are offering to help keep bounce rates as low as possible

Keyword research is a continuous task. A lot of people make the mistake of doing it once and thinking that’s it. But the world of ecommerce is constantly evolving, so your keywords should be evolving too. The way we search is always changing. So those who aren’t doing KR on the regular are seriously missing out. Don’t get left behind. Make sure you are constantly assessing the performance of your search terms. Need some help with this? Get in touch and speak to one of our team who will be able to help you with your keyword research efforts.

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