Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, it’s highly likely that you have thought about digital PR for your brand. Proactively seeking ways to get your products seen by the right customer base whilst creating a good brand reputation in your industry are key in the development of a strong digital PR approach. But did you know that digital PR and link building for SEO purposes is actually closely entwined? Defining your SEO strategy should incorporate several different factors if it’s going to get you the results you’re after:
  • High quality, keyword-rich content created on relevant subjects
  • A site that is technically sound with regular audits
And the final factor that many people forget:
  • Organic backlinks from sites with good authority

Why is link building important?

There has been a high level of importance placed on Domain Authority (DA) equating to Google viewing your site as ‘trustworthy’ and a source of expertise on a particular subject. In other words, Google needs to know that you’re going to deliver what users want when they search for a specific term. A site with a good DA will be higher up in SERPs, as it has more backlinks from other sites confirming that it can be trusted. An established brand name will feature on the first page of Google, largely due to successful PR and offline advertising driving sales, but also because they are deemed an ‘expert’ in that field or industry due to thousands of backlinks essentially pushing them to the front.

Outlining your link building objectives

As with any business strategy, to engage with an appropriate link building strategy, it makes sense to propose objectives – What do you want to gain from outreach activity? To improve authority? To get the brand name out there? It could equally be both. Research links gained by competitors, analyse the industry you’re in and try to spot opportunities you may be missing. Create a link building strategy that is targeted and relevant to your customer base. Also, be aware that some links are much more valuable than others; a link on a high profile media site can do wonders for your SEO, whereas a small blog with a low DA will have little impact. Giving your backlink profile some TLC will establish your site’s authority in the search engine realm, boost your rankings and also build on brand awareness. So, are you missing opportunities to build links?

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