Circle…take me to Circle SEO Chat. Over the past few weeks, Channel 4 TV show ‘The Circle’ has had us glued to our screens. With catfishing, backstabbing and brown-nosing, it’s been the topic of conversation amongst many in the  Acquiro office.

Not only has it got us chatting in real life, but the show has also influenced our searches too. From fascias to brick prices, The Circle has well and truly influenced our Googling.

We decided to see how much of an impact TV has on our Google searches and which ones had us reaching for our phones in the ad breaks!

Enter Circle Chat

When Woody entered The Circle, he told us all that his dad was, in fact, Fatboy Slim! Searches for the DJ have been growing ever since. Searches for his mum, radio and TV presenter Zoe Ball have also seen spikes since the show began.

  Just a few days into the second series, Richard Madeley entered The Circle as a catfish called Judy. Immediately, everyone took to Google to find out more about the morning TV legend.

  We also witnessed chats around the topic of construction when catfish Jay was quizzed over the price of a brick. Again, everyone took to Google to look up the actual price of a brick. We expect this to come up in many a pub quiz this Christmas!

In the same week, we also saw an increase in searches for other construction terms, which ordinarily wouldn’t receive a lot of attention. Searches for fascias and soffits received a spike in searches when Tim quizzed Jay on his knowledge of roofing. Luckily, this catfish had done their homework before they stepped into The Circle, it looks like the viewers learned a lot too!

‘It is what it is’

It’s not just The Circle that has influenced our searches. Other TV shows such as Love Island have also led to spikes for certain search terms. Remember when Marcel couldn’t stop telling everyone that he used to be in Blazing Squad? Lo and behold, searches for the boy band shot up when he entered the villa.

Viewers also took to Google when Danni entered the Love Island villa last year after she revealed she was the daughter of Eastenders actor and all-round ‘ard man Danny Dyer, much to the delight of her partner Jack!

Who is she?!

Nothing gets us reaching for our phones more than trying to work out who a familiar face is on the TV. When X-Factor returned to our screens on Saturday with a celebrity twist, we saw a girl by the name of Olivia Olsen take the stage to impress the judges. It seemed everyone just couldn’t place that voice until they hit Google and found out she was the ‘All I Want for Christmas’ belting little girl from Love Actually. Don’t worry, we feel old too….


Another TV show that has influenced our searches is Strictly. When it was announced that Viscountess Emma Weymouth would be taking to the dance floor, it had everyone wondering, what exactly is a viscountess? And it appears we are still unsure, as searches keep spiking each Saturday when the show airs. Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of it before the show finishes!

Another celeb taking part in the show, Michelle Visage, has also been the topic of many searchers. The star, a well-known name amongst Drag Race fans, also receives searches each Saturday when the show airs.

So thanks to The Circle, Love Island and Strictly, we now know the average price of a brick, Danny Dyer’s back catalogue of TV appearances and what exactly is a Viscountess. Thanks, Google!

So how does this impact my business?

People want information immediately and while we cannot predict what searches are going to come from this week’s Saturday night TV, it’s important to pick up on trends in your industry. Google’s aim is to serve the best possible information to the user and by reacting to increased searches for a query with a well-written blog post, you have a good chance of being shown for it.

The same goes for social media, whether you love, hate or secretly watch reality TV from behind your phone –  if you notice a conversation taking place that relates to your industry – join in! Customers love to see engagement from brands and if it’s taking part in real-time, even better. Whether it’s the price of a brick, how to work a gadget or where to pick up your very own Love Island bottle. The opportunities are endless, you just have to listen out for them.

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