It’s Friday, so we’re showcasing one of our brilliant client success stories! We know that when it comes to choosing a marketing agency, it’s important to see exactly what they can do. This week, our PPC expert Jess Freer is talking us through her latest client ‘win’.

From the regularity daylight levels are in discussion, you’d think it was the first time we’d experienced darker evenings here at Acquiro! However, this Christmas is looking to be a brighter one than expected for one of our newer clients who’d approached us a couple of months ago looking to double their daily revenue whilst reducing their COS (Cost Of Sale).

Initially perplexed by the request, I cautioned the client citing phrases such as, ‘patience is a virtue’, deducing that a lot of work and effort would be required to adjust an account’s performance to such an extent. Nonetheless, after a few drinks and a quick nap, I accepted the challenge with all guns blazing.

Upon reviewing their Google Ads account, I was met with a large number of errors in their shopping feed, a COS twice as high as their target and the majority of spend allocated towards the lowest-performing category. Concluding that I was being sent off to the Google equivalent of Vietnam, I decided that another nap was inevitable, my hands were tied.

The strategy…

Fast forward one month (imagine a lot of drinks, naps and celebratory PPC dances in fast motion) and I was thrilled with the account’s progress. Fortunately, we have systems in place which allow us to optimise a shopping feed effectively on behalf of the client, allowing us to ensure products promoted by Acquiro are in the best possible standing point. The account was completely restructured; the holes for wasted spend were plugged allowing the creation of new, more specifically targeted ad groups.

Whilst trying my best to maintain my modesty, I’ll just leave this little screenshot here. See if you can tell when Acquiro took over the account.

Comparing October’s performance to August (pre-Acquiro), the client’s average daily revenue increased by 135%, achieving above and beyond their initial objective of doubling their revenue. Traffic to their site rose by 41% whilst the COS and ROI (Return on Investment) improved by 23% and 30% respectively. This was achieved within six weeks of joining Acquiro, she says whilst polishing her new shiny gold star badge.

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