It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our weekly ‘Client Success’ share. This time we’re turning our attention to our Senior SEO Strategist, Claire Hunter. We approach every SEO client differently, mainly because we’ve learnt from experience that offering a ‘one size fits all’ package just doesn’t cut it in today’s market. This client approached us with three challenges.
  1. Successfully carry out a site migration to a new platform.
  2. Increase organise revenue and sessions.
  3. Create a strategy for their US website.
It’s fair to say Claire smashed it, let’s take a look at the results…. We began working on this client in October 2018. Since then, we have seen a substantial uplift in organic sessions and revenue. Going from an average of 13k monthly sessions to over 25k sessions a month. Almost doubling their monthly organic traffic in under 18 months. Organic revenue also experienced healthy growth, which has increased by 125% (revenue total for Oct 2018 compared to Feb 2020). This was a result of the SEO strategy carried out. Initially, this began with a site migration, as the client was transitioning to a new platform. This was then followed by on-site content creation and specific keyword targeting that focused on high conversion keywords as opposed to high search volume terms. This was in pursuit of targeting the right kind of customers as opposed to a ‘catch-all’ approach, which is often adopted in the industry. The client also had a large US customer base, so we were also tasked with trying to target US customers using the same site without a specific country targeted subdomain/directory/folder. This involved researching language alternates that related to the UK keyword targeting. This has resulted in an uplift of 118% in sessions for customers located in the US, alongside an organic revenue increase of 173% (comparing initial start month stats to present).

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