Though we are currently in unprecedented times dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing your business online will still be a huge part of your overall company strategy. But what is the best way to do this? We asked our own digital PR specialist, Jennifer Jordan, for her tips on how to position your brand amongst the noise.

How to manage your PR during a crisis

Adapt adapt adapt. Or, as the digital marketing strategists will say, ‘pivot’. Take your current or planned PR strategy, and see how it can be adapted, or pivoted, to link with what is happening in the world. Align your message with current lifestyle trends, and be reactive and able to change campaigns quickly to keep up with the ever-evolving news. Be aware of your brand tone of voice when communicating with customers online, social media updates and on-site content to allow for no misinterpretation or negative reactions.

Join the conversation with relevant content

Some companies are actually adapting what they produce to become a valuable player in the situation (see BrewDog and their hand sanitizer) but if that isn’t suitable, become a go-to source of information. It is possible to provide useful, practical advice whilst also subtly promoting your products! Add value to the conversation by leaning on your company’s expertise – create How-To guides, tutorials, tips, tricks and advice, offer yourselves as thought leaders in your industry and seek out media opportunities that allow your brand to become the voice on a particular subject.

Consider the timing

Know how to metaphorically read the room when it comes to launching a new product, service or campaign – how might your target audience react? Will it get lost in the media world right now, and is it better off postponing? There’s a big difference between taking advantage of an opportunity and missing the mark completely, and no one wants their business to become known for the latter. If there’s a surge of unemployment due to a crisis as we’re seeing in the UK at the moment, a fast-fashion flash sale or discounts on outdoor clothing when we’re all on lockdown may not go down too well. Position your brand sensitively to what is happening in the wider world.

Lean on your PR team

If outsourcing your PR, work with your agency on how to adapt your PR strategy during a crisis. They will be able to spot opportunities and connect your brand with potential media placements – they know your strengths and weaknesses, so will be able to guide you through how to do PR for your company during an uncertain time.

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