At Acquiro, we’ve never underestimated the power of social media; and even in these difficult times, we’re continuing to see some of the best results we’ve ever seen across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We asked our own social media expert, Katie Fitzpatrick, to talk us through how she’s adapted her social strategies to meet the demands of a lockdown landscape. 

Increased reach = Increased action

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, and at a time where the majority of the population are now at home, social media usage has surged, causing a significant increase in the reach and engagement of social ads. During this time, we’ve had to adjust our way of thinking when it comes to targeting on social media. As social usage continues to grow, the chances of ad spend increasing is very possible, so we’ve had to think logically about narrowing down our audiences, in order to maintain an effective ROAS.

Honesty is the best (social) policy

As well as targeting, we’ve also had to think about the message we are sending out across social media on behalf of our clients. Brands that are ethical, consistent and sensible during this time are much more likely to prevail when the COVID-19 lockdown ends. If business is ‘as usual’, it’s important to reiterate this in ad copy, in order to avoid missing valuable conversions. Similarly, if shipping is expected to take longer than normal, give the user a heads-up, to avoid any unnecessary bad reviews or comments across social media. After all, honesty is the best policy!

Adapt and adjust

We’re encouraging our clients to think about alternatives to their usual marketing strategy and business operations during this time, and we’ve found that the brands who are able and willing to adapt their current operations to meet the needs of ‘lockdown society’ have continued to see a rise in conversions across social platforms. As well as your social media channels, it’s important that your whole brand presence is cohesive during this time, take a look at our tips from outreach expert, Jennifer Jordan, for how to adapt your PR strategy during these times. We believe this is an ideal time to build connections with other professionals and brands across social media. If you can build relationships and partnerships with other brands across social media, whether it be personally, or in the form of ‘collaborations’, you’re more likely to come out on the other side with additional business opportunities and increased brand-presence online.

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