It’s safe to say that the past few weeks will be a time that the majority of us will never forget and in the world of SEM, it’s been equally as turbulent. From a surge in slipper sales to everyone baking like they are about to meet Paul Hollywood, we have seen some interesting stats come about and we’re sure we will continue to see plenty more as this ever-changing situation continues. Here are some of the latest figures we’ve seen…

Sales Stats – What are we buying?

Slippers As we are all staying at home a little more, we may as well be comfy. Sales of slippers have sky-rocketed, as well as hoodies, joggers and other loungewear essentials. Cleaning Wipes Mrs Hinch would be proud of our recent cleaning efforts. In a bid to keep those germs at bay, we have all become obsessed with cleaning our homes, so much so that sales of antibacterial wipes have soared. Ergonomic Home Office Furniture Many of us are now working from home, and rather than turning our dining tables into make-shift desks, it seems we have been putting together proper home office setups, with sales of desks and chairs seeing a huge rise in demand. Posture chairs and kneeling chairs have been particularly popular, with many wanting to create an ergonomic home office space while they WFH. Online food ordering With many not being able to get to the supermarkets for their food and drink, many have taken to online food shopping, with sales surging in recent weeks for meat and other essentials. DIY supplies It seems we are all taking part in a little home improvement with our extra time indoors. Sales of DIY supplies, including paint, sealants and wood care products have all grown extensively over the past couple of months.

(Data source – YOY Comparisons 1st March to 21st April 2020)

‘How To’ Searches 

As ever, we have been hitting up Google for life lessons, but what’s been the most searched for ‘how to’ guides in recent weeks?  How to delete Houseparty account  When lockdown began Houseparty felt like a great way to stay in touch with friends, but as most house parties go, it had to end sometime. How to make whipped coffee A trend that has been tried and tested by most coffee lovers. Without our beloved Costa and Starbucks, many were doing their own DIY Dalgona coffees. How to cut men’s hair Hairdressers and barbers were forced to close and while us females were just letting our tresses grow, guys, on the other hand, were taking drastic action. The results: bowl cuts and skinheads all round How to change background on Zoom Working from home and virtual meet-ups saw a rise in users on Zoom, with many taking advantage of their personalised background feature. How to make banana bread Were you even in lockdown if you didn’t make banana bread? According to Instagram, we have all made ‘THE best banana bread’ in the world.
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