Google and Microsoft are constantly evolving, meaning it can be very difficult to keep up with what is working and what isn’t in the world of paid advertising. This is why we are here to keep you up to date with the latest PPC updates.

Did you know that according to Statista, as of June 2021 Google currently has a whopping 87.76% share of the search engine market?

However the big question is, why should you spend your time and money on paid ads?

Apart from the fact paid advertising should be a vital part of your marketing funnel, it also has many benefits that can increase conversions. These include:

  • Gives you quick results – Paid ads allow you to increase traffic to your website without the time SEO involves if your website is not ranking high on results pages.
  • Target specific audiences – Ads allow you to explore your audience to discover common factors to narrow down your campaign targeting accordingly.
  • Affordable – There are many tools available to help keep your spending low.

Below are some of July’s PPC updates from Microsoft that you can’t miss.

Video Extensions Added to Microsoft Ads

Account managers are now able to add videos to other ad extensions. These engaging video extensions can be a great way to capture potential customers. This is a global opportunity on PC, available only on Microsoft Ads. Mobile video extensions are only available in the US for now.

Account managers can set up an action link on the video overlay. When clicked, users will be taken to the company website for customers to purchase items. The video extensions will be the same cost-per-click (CPC) as the main ad headline and the recommended length of the video is between 6 and 120 seconds.

Here is an image from Microsoft that displays the new video extension update:

Microsoft Announces New Multimedia Ads for Search

Microsoft Advertising has now introduced multimedia ads, which are a new responsive ad format. Headlines, images and descriptions will be merged to create gripping and engaging ads.

This update is only available through Microsoft Ads and will appear at the top of the results page. One account manager at a time is able to deliver the multimedia ad, as one ad is displayed per page.

Microsoft Ads have also introduced bid adjustment settings for the update, where account managers can add a bid modifier for the multimedia ad placement.

Below shows an example of the new multimedia ads from Microsoft.

Microsoft Adds Updates for Responsive Search Ads

Customised countdowns and location extensions have been added by Microsoft to customise responsive search ads (RSAs).

Customised Countdowns

Account managers can add custom countdowns to the responsive search ads to emphasise important events for the business. It allows you to insert a countdown to an important event in your company. This can include a countdown to the start or end of sales and online events, and will automatically update as the events draw closer.

Location Insertion

Account managers can add locations to RSAs to show the relevant results to the user based on their location.

Location insertion displays a location in the ad text where your service is offered. To customise your ads to the customer’s location, you can create headlines such as ‘Manchester restaurants’ and ‘Leeds beauty salons’.

Not only does it allow you to tailor your ad text to your customers’ locations, it can also tailor to the customer’s regular locations and their locations of interest. Instead of managing an ad customiser file, you can customise the locations to the town, city or country you want to target.

The Microsoft updates are a positive change as they allow account managers to customise their RSAs to target certain customers. They also allow account managers to create more engaging ads to draw customers in.

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