The month of September marks ‘Organic September’ – a month declared to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming.

Taken from the Soil Association website, some of these benefits include:

  • Supporting biodiversity and wildlife
  • Helping to combat climate change
  • The highest standards of animal welfare
  • Reduced exposure to pesticides
  • Food as it should be, and food you can trust

Here in Teesside, there are plenty of eco-friendly shops and retailers offering environmentally conscious alternatives to produce found in everyday supermarkets.

In honour of Organic September, we’ve shared some of our favourites; all of which will help you do your bit when it comes to living more sustainably:

Refill, Weigh, Save – Billingham

Image: @refillweighsave on Instagram

Refill, Weigh, Save are a zero waste refill store based in Billingham.

They supply loose food and household liquids, as well as provide alternative, plastic-free products such as soaps and bath bombs etc.

Find them on: Facebook and their website.

Ecologico – Online Site Based in Teesside

Image: @ecologico_uk on Instagram

With the aim to help by providing people with information to make informed choices when it comes to the products they use, Ecologico is an informative eco-friendly site and shop that’s based in Teesside.

Find out more on: Facebook and their website.

The Cut Back – Saltburn

Image: @thecutbackcic on Instagram

Based in Saltburn, The Cut Back is a refill shop and eco hub.

With organic produce on offer, cutting back on plastic by using refilling shops such as The Cut Back has many benefits for our planet.

Find them on Facebook now.

The Simple Weigh – Hartlepool

Image: @thesimpleweigh on Instagram

The Simple Weigh in Hartlepool allows you to ditch single-use plastic while shopping, and opt for the likes of paper bags and glass jars.

They also have a wide range of products available, including organic options.

Find them on Facebook and their website.

Shanti Vegetarian Cafe & Bistro – Saltburn

Image: @shanticafe_ on Instagram

Serving delicious Vegetarian and Vegan food, Shanti offers organic and local produce that’s made with love.

As well as this, the cafe doubles as a venue, as well as serves a selection of Vegan beers, wines and hot drinks.

Find them on Facebook.

Organically U – Redcar

Image: @organicallyuredcar on Instagram

Focussing on providing only ethical brands and sustainable products, Organically U is a local, independent health & wellbeing shop based in Redcar.

As well as products that are safe and healthy for the planet and planet-inhabitants, you can also find a variety of refill options and recycling schemes in store.

Find them on Facebook.

The Only Weigh Out – Middlesbrough

Image: @theonlyweighoutshop on Instagram

The Only Weigh Out is a plastic-free, zero waste supermarket that’s based in Stokesley, Middlesbrough.

Providing everything from flour and baking goods to pasta and household goods, The Only Weigh Out caters for all needs, including offering gluten free produce.

Find them on Facebook and their website.

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