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Independent Coffee Shops In Teesside

Today is International Coffee Day – a day to celebrate your favourite caffeinated beverage. If you’re feeling sleepy before work, going for a catch-up with friends, or meeting with a business associate, coffee is the guilty pleasure that allows you to bond with friends, colleagues and lovers. Whether it’s a decaf, iced or instant coffee, […]

Organic September Across Teesside

The month of September marks ‘Organic September’ – a month declared to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming. Taken from the Soil Association website, some of these benefits include: Supporting biodiversity and wildlife Helping to combat climate change The highest standards of animal welfare Reduced exposure to pesticides Food as […]

Teesside’s Most Extreme Weather

When it comes to weird weather events, you tend to think of the most extreme happenings occurring far away from us here in Teesside.  But throughout history we’ve actually had our fair share of extreme weather – from floods to snow, and even tornados! The Great Flood of Yarm – 1771 One of Teesside’s most […]

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